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I know what you want ...

This is an easy one, because, well, don't we all want the same thing. We want our products, our designs and our brands to live within the hearts and stay within the minds of the intended market. But, achieving this is not as simple as implementing all the right colors, illustrations and effects. What you want instead is what results when all the needs are met and all the key players are appropriately considered and reconciled in a synergistic fashion. My abilities allow me to clearly see the importance of aesthetics, functionality and effectiveness in order to achieve exactly what it will take to meet the wants of each individual project.

I know what you need ...

Need is certainly a tricky one. It is often overlooked and confused with what one wants. Needs are the fundamentals that lie beneath all the glitter and glam of the latest trends. What you need is a message, a story, a root concept that will bring consistency, trust and recognition. From print, to web, to products on the shelf; a persistent, coherent and timeless identity that can transcend this multitude of platforms is not just desirable, but exactly what is needed. My gift of insight can see into the subconscious of society and discover the message best suited for every challenge.

I know what's coming ...

Now this is the ultimate test. How do you not only keep up with, but stay ahead of something that is not just advancing, but doing so at an exponentially rapid rate. Every day new innovations and trends are discovered that change the standard flow of life. So how do we find the balance between innovative thinking, timeless concepts and evolving technologies? You learn. Don’t just rely on what you know, but look ahead to what you can discover. Never stop educating yourself, never stop researching. All the information you need is out there, you just need to find it. Or rather, you just need me to find it.





About me.

All About Me I'm Richard Carlson, most people call me Rick, but Richard just sounds more distinguished so I like to lead with that one. So, can I really read minds, you may ask. Well, if by reading minds you mean I understand marketing trends, uncover hidden consumer motivations and utilize a multitude of platforms in order to create the perfect solution to the intended market ... then, yes, I can read minds.

I have worked as a Graphic Designer, Package Design Specialist and a Creative Director since graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2002. No matter the challenge I am presented with, my goal remains consistent – to provide a positive direction by creating genuine lasting relationships through cohesive identity and branding, sharp marketing materials, and eye-catching design. It's just my thing.


With 11 years of experience as a designer and 5 as an Art Director, I am able to work in a fast pace environment, push the limits of my creativity under tight deadlines and efficiently manage and provide unique, creative and sustainable solutions for interactive and branding projects.

My computer skills include the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop). I am proficient in Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel. Competent with both PCs and Macs. I can also use a pen and paper.

At Work

Talented and experienced professional designer with a background in graphic design, typography, packaging and brand management. Highly adept at creating brand conscious marketing materials and creative media, with the ability to lead and mentor others while communicating the development process to internal clients.

At Play

Talented and experienced husband and father with a background in hiking, biking, disc golf and zombies. Highly adept at structuring outings and weekend events, with the ability to lead and mentor our two young boys in playing wrestle monster while successfully communicating to significant other.

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